4 March – 16 March

'Limitless Abstracts' - Lucie Anderson

Lucie Anderson is a full-time artist based in Napier, who specialises in working with alcohol-based inks. Her creative process involves exploring the flow and uniqueness of these inks, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, stunning artwork.


She finds inspiration in the natural beauty surrounding her, and her pieces often reflect her love for nature and the environment. These original works, vibrant and often infused with gold or silver, are a treat for the eyes, evoking feelings of wonder and joy in viewers. Lucie’s artwork has gained a reputation for being bold and vibrant, with a distinct style.

Lucie’s Journey into the World of Arts:
Born to a family that ran a stationery and art shop in Belgium, Lucie was surrounded by creativity from an early age. This familial influence led her to art school, where she studied photography, a medium she cherished until the advent of the digital age. After spending two decades in Dunedin, a move to sunny Napier in 2015 offered her the chance to evolve her art and discover alcohol ink as a new medium.

A Creative Dance:
For Lucie, creating a new piece of art is a dance between her and her materials.. Once she begins, she finds joy in the flow of the wet ink, feeling the pull of certain colours or the influence of music, allowing it to guide her and shape the artwork’s personality.

Large-scale pieces hold a particular appeal for her, as the more significant the canvas, the more room for the ink to flow and dance. Each abstract piece she creates reveals intricate details upon closer examination and radiates an energy that mirrors her bold and vibrant style.

Connecting with the Viewer:
Lucie delights in places where she can share her art and engage with potential customers. For Lucie, the feedback she receives often influences her future work, and she loves the challenge and appreciates the personal connections that she forms with her viewers.

In the end, the best way to experience Lucie Anderson’s Limitless Abstracts is to witness them firsthand. Lucie continues to create more art, filling the world with her vibrant, limitless abstracts, letting others form their opinions while she focuses on her creative process. Her dedication and passion for her art form continue to illuminate her path in the ever-evolving world of art.