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Camellia Ahrens

Creating has always brought me pleasure, and when I retired I went to painting classes.

Exploring different techniques encouraged me to experiment. 

I love colour, a sense of the quirky, work mostly in acrylics, have no particular style but lean towards abstract style at the moment.

I love the process of creating art and if something complete comes out of the process I consider it a bonus.

I have exhibited many times with fellow artists & have sold several works.


'A Call to Action - Looming Extinction'

Artist: Camellia Ahrens

Description: [Acrylic on Canvas]

The sea creatures appeared unintentionally, so I decided it was a worthy subject to pursue. To risk damaging the precious environment under the sea would be catastrophic for all humanity.

Connection to Roy: Roy taught both our sons at Havelock North High School, and was a huge influence on them both.

I loved his knowledge, enthusiasm and sheer delight when he talked about all art and artists. I was delighted when he chose one of my art pieces for the CANdid-50 exhibition which he curated for the CAN gallery in Napier.

I was amused when he gave a floor talk on the chosen works and said of mine
"The artist is not quite sure where they are going but they are certainly enjoying the journey.” So true!

Size / dimentions: 350mm x 450mm

Media Type: Painting

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