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Catherine Haslam

I originally studied textile design at Wellington Polytechnic in the early 90’s, but ended up as a frontend web developer. 

My interest in the architecture, colour and intricacies of flora and fauna has never left me, so my creative outlet is through still life using foraged foliage. 

I am endlessly fascinated with how plants and flowers create these crazy tangles of stuff but as you get closer, you see it's actually intricately formed structures of colour and shape.

How did they figure out how to do that? I love the juxtaposition, a highly-structured mess.


Description: Framed Photograph

Connection to Roy: My association with Roy is through the Huihui exhibition when I was looking for artists. The show is all about getting creative people who fly under the radar (for a multitude of reasons) to exhibit.

He was a great source of information and came to some of the shows. He was also a really nice person.

Size/dimensions: 1000mm x 1000mm (approx)

Media Type: Photography

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