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Diana Crompton

As a young art student, my lecturer Jack Lugg always said, “The best art comes from our mistakes.” Using this as motivation for my works, I focused on bold experimentation through the use of various mediums which has allowed me to master some of these mediums with various levels of success.

Paintings can be overworked, underworked or both, but until that moment of magic when it is synchronised and balanced, this affords you the opportunity to rework other pieces using this magic.

The magic is a place artists go to escape:  All basic fundamentals are intrinsically important, planning your colours or layout and tones and then allowing you the respect, trust and love you deserve. Immerse yourself, don’t wish you could be someone else, don’t paint to please anyone else, only for yourself.  Success is a magical feeling!

During my rollercoaster ride from the use of oil paints in South Africa to the various use of acrylics, inks, resins, pouring fluids, glue and silicone in New Zealand, it has been a constant emotional struggle with much of time spent dedicated to learning and research and a constant belief in manipulating my painting mediums and myself. Trust YOURSELF.

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