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Gail Davidson

"Hi there.  I am a Hawke's Bay artist and have been painting for more than 15 years now.  I paint humorous incidents or stories as they unfold, drawn from this wonderful world of ours as I tend to perceive it.  I paint solely in acrylics and love the use of bright, bold colours - suits my bright quirky style! 

I am as far from being a realistic painter as the sun is from the moon, with my characters finding their shape to suit the theme.  I like my paintings to speak for themselves by tempting the viewer into a discussion, a smile, or a chuckle. 


  • Humanity Painters - 2009
  • Art Hawke's Bay exhibitions
  • Hastings Community Artist's Challenge
  • Many private exhibitions, solo or with other HB artists.

I've also exhibited at many other venues including the Affordable Art exhibition in Wellington.  From exhibitions, commissions, or word of mouth I have been very fortunate to have my paintings hanging in many homes throughout NZ and overseas - including Australia, England and the Netherlands. 


A sense of fun and humour is deeply ingrained from my upbringing where seeing the funny side of life was encouraged.  However, nothing inspires me more than the exhilaration of being so deeply involved in a painting that I lose myself to time and surroundings.  A busy or stressful day can fly out the window when I walk into the art room and the paintbrush hits the canvas."  -  Gail Davidson

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