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JiL of Aotearoa

JiL of Aotearoa works to create interactive works of art, such as garden and forest landscaping, water features, climb on sandpit features. event, festival, and theatre props and decor.

Able to design and create almost anything you can imagine...she'll give anything a go. JiL will work in a unique material called Pal Tyre, a form of cement made from recycled materials.

'Mahuika's Fire-Rain Dance'

Artist: JiL of Aotearoa

Description: Mahuika [Maori Goddess of Fire] & Friend, exercise their FREEDOM and powers, as they dance 'in' the fire, by the corona-light of Te Marama, our Grandmother Moon.

This is the Rain Dance to break the endless and destructive drought of 2020... brought to us by


Done with Resene and various Spray Paints on Corrugated Tin.

Media Type: Metal, Painting

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