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Jo Blogg

Jo Blogg, BAHons (London Guild Hall University) is a practicing artist, part time tutor and mother. Whether taking two months to stick 50,000 grains of rice to a board or painting 100 miniatures in 100 days, her meticulous attention to detail is legendary.

"Conceived in a lighthouse, born the daughter of creative parents, I have been an artist my whole life. I work in multiples - often 100, and use my compulsion and obsessive nature to create utilising repetition, pattern, colour, contrast, tone and texture as a vehicle to convey ideas, thoughts and experience.

I paint for hours at a time listening to talking books and movies and any negative mind activity is quietened. Lately I have thrown away the compass of my mandala past and have begun generating a new body of singular stand-alone pieces. I continue with my fascination for reworking the old and mundane sourced from charity shops and other such ‘discarded treasure’ sources.

I have firm beliefs about feminine stereotypes and wage war against all that are thrust upon women. At 50, my intolerance for hypocrisy hasn’t changed but it seems any overt sexuality and has been replaced with a desire for comfort and need to do only what feels ‘good’ to me."

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