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:katharine-kinross :

Originally from Central Hawke's Bay, Katharine has followed the fortunes of magpies and rooks in Aotearoa for the past five years and has had a special relationship with a few of them. 

There are many voices speaking out for native species in our land, but not many making the case for all the others.  As rooks were invited to live here 160 years ago and have carved out their own place in the agricultural ecosystem, all in all doing a lot less damage than humans, Katharine has been trying to tell their story through paint and drawing - to shine the light on New Zealanders' unjustified hatred of certain species. 

Katharine's daughters share her affection for this quirky symbol of harvest bounty and its role in teaching mankind how to work with nature.  Katharine's daughter, Silva, has written 'The Rook Story', a poignant tale that intends to be cautionary rather than prophetic.  Katharine works mainly in pastel, oils and graphite and look to illuminate the beauty in the common folk in the plant and animal kingdoms, with whom we share out earth. 


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