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Neil McCorkell

Neil McCorkell's artistry is heavily influenced by the work of Irish painter Francis Bacon.  Neil produces pieces that seek to define the human identity as a simple expression of physical mass and form. Form, colour and texture encountered in any butcher shop, abattoir or meat counter.

Forced to consider these images in a world of fine art causes each image to take on a life of its own – surreally forced into a frame, forced to take its place as an art object rather than a consumable staple of nutrition……..

Neil studied in South Africa with a major in Fine Arts as part of his Education degree through the University of the Witwatersrand.  Solo and group exhibitions have been held in Johannesburg and Hastings.

A love of biology provides much of the stimulus for his paintings and drawings.  His work has been described as thought provoking, confrontational, shocking but nevertheless fascinating.

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