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Putaanga Waitoa

Putaanga Waitoa is an emerging Māori artist/ photographer with Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Porou & Kūki Āirani roots, whom is passionate about documenting Māori women who wear Moko Kauae (Traditional Māori facial tattoo) which is one of the most controversial topics in modern Aotearoa.

Waitoa’s work has resulted in a huge following online as she uses her platform to empower indigenous women & challenges the view of tradition, colonisation & consumerism to a modern society. 

Currently in possession of her latest collection of portraits that depict Māori wāhine who reign from all corners of Aotearoa, living in accordance with their ancestral customs.  This collection is accompanied by stories written by the wāhine that feature, which gives the audience a new perspective & creating space for Māori & Tauiwi to engage in storytelling in collaboration with modern imagery.

Self funded + selling nothing

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