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Rebecca Blount

2018 David Fine Scholarship Winner 

The winner of the prestigious David Fine Scholarship, Rebecca Blount held her first solo exhibition at the Community Art Centre from 16.07.18-28.07.18. 

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Rebecca Blount is an illustrator and visual artist living in Wellington. She studied Visual Arts and Design at Idea school , EIT and has recently finished her Post Graduate qualification in Applied Arts at Whitireia in Wellington. 

Rebecca's creative practice is driven by her passion to create surreal and nightmarish imagery inspired by her previous studies in psychology and her love of biology.


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Phone:027 3835524

'Cleopatra DNA'

Artist: Rebecca Blount

Description: Cleopatra DNA is about the genetic engineering of pigs born and bred for organ transplant procedures to humans which could be made possible in the near future.

I created this piece to acknowledge how genetic modification has the potential to break the species barrier between animals and humans, and could possibly change humanity forever .

Personally I have conflicting thoughts on the subject which is why I am interested in what other people think of genetic engineering and the use of gene editing tools such as CRISPR.

I've based the painting on both my interest in biology and my little toy pig, Cleopatra.

Oil on Canvas

Size / dimentions: 30cm x 30cm

Media Type: Painting

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