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Regan Gentry

Regan is a critically- acclaimed artist and sculptor based in Wellington.  As a sculptor Gentry’s artistic practice typically depicts the relationship of people to their environment and how this is acted out.

Using a wide range of materials and situations his work is characterised by a playful musing and using of material, language, location and structure. The phrases, materials and circumstances employed in Gentry’s works are chosen for their familiarity and well-established usage in our lives.

The interplay of people and place, local history and situational relevance, often inform his conceptual decisions

'Portrait from 1992'

Artist: Regan Gentry

Description: [Drawing, framed]

This was drawn when I was 16yrs old, in 5th form. It was a second version of the drawing, the prior one was similar but not quite as good. Roy opted for this picture to go on the HNHS (Havelock North High School) 1992 Prospectus front cover.

Connection to Roy: Regan attended HNHS from 1989-1994 and was in Roy’s form class throughout and in his art class in 1992 - 93. “Roy was a very approachable man, and I was very happy talking with him about whatever was on my mind. When things became challenging at home Roy was one of my first ports of call.”

After leaving school, Regan would frequently go to see Roy during his visits to Hawkes Bay.

Size / dimentions: 320mm x 290mm

Media Type: Drawing

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