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Rosamund Stewart

Rosamund loves exploring colour, with inks, paints, foils, sprays and collage in an intuitive 2 dimensional way; developing depth, celebrating nature and humanity, telling stories, ultimately gaining a 3D effect. She believes colour richly reflects our conscious inner and outer world, also expressing unconsciously our emotions. Creating these colourful works is a complete joy; it’s intense work, but very absorbing. 

Ros Stewart is also a prominent member of the arts community in Hawke’s Bay.  She has been a leader of arts organisations, an organiser of events and all the while creating, exhibiting and offering her multimedia work to a following of local and international clients over a period of 30 years.  Ros has attended international art collaborations, her work has been commissioned locally and she first exhibited sculpture in this gallery in 1995 and 1998.

'Flotsam & Jetsam'

Artist: Rosamund Stewart

Description: [Mulitmedia on Stretched Canvas]

Ros Stewart is a multimedia painter, sculptor and art advocate. Her work is held in private collections nationally and internationally.

Working from her Hawke’s Bay studio as a multimedia painter and sculptor, Ros Stewart creates bold, colourful and sensual works with dynamic forms and surfaces. With a passion for many different media, Ros works intuitively and in a range of scales.

In the 40 years since studying sculpture and painting in Wellington, Ros has made promoting art her life. Her interests are varied; inspired by her love of nature, feminine sensuality, philosophy and identity as a New Zealander.

Ros has been in leading roles at Hawke’s Bay Arts Councils and Festivals, whilst quietly developing her own art and raising an active family. Her open visual art studio is now in the HB Art Guide and Trail.

She sculpts in stone, bronze, clay and Perspex often using upcycled interesting pre-used objects.

Ros has exhibited and sold from galleries plus been selected for shows in New Zealand and Canada. Her work is held in private collections in; New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Costa Rica, Canada, USA and Australia.

Connection to Roy: I first met, listened to and learnt from Roy Dunningham, nearly 30 years ago in 1992.

I enjoyed and deeply respected the very honest, encouraging, but to the point feedback about my sculptures, painting styles and installations, (about whether they worked or not) both at my exhibitions and by visiting my art studio at home.

He kindly agreed to be my art practice mentor and we shared a lot of interests. I loved his honesty, direction, support and guidance.

I have always loved the way he expressed his thoughts, knowledge and feelings about the art pieces at many art exhibitions in various HB Art galleries.

As Chairman of Creative HB, (from 2000 to 2012) he was a great supporter and mentor to our new, annual “Invitational” Art Exhibition 2005 till 2011 (now known as “East”) at Hastings City Art Gallery.

Size / dimentions: 610mm x 455mm

Media Type: Mixed Media, Painting

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