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Sue Clark

I am sitting beside my father at the kitchen table watching him draw.  "What would you like me to draw next?" he would ask.  An animal or some other fun thing would pop into my mind and he would quickly make it appear on the page.

He seemed to be able to draw almost anything, and as a child it was absolutely magical to me.  Right then I knew I wanted to be an artist and weave that powerful magic too.

As a child I was always drawing and making things.  Creating was fun and exciting.  But when I finished high school, sex and drugs put a damper on it all!

This is what my parents thought I would get into if I went away to art school, so as you can imagine I wasn't supported in that idea.  Also, there were very few jobs in the creative field in NZ at the time - so they encouraged me to pursue other options where I stood a chance of earning a living.

Over the years I often dabbled in art, but it was not until my three children were teenagers and we went to live in Toronto that I really started taking it seriously.

By complete serendipity, I found my way to an Art Therapy course at Arscura.  The teaching was based on Rudolph Steiner of Waldorf School fame.  Part of the course training was to re-teach what we had learned, to our own clients.  I had never thought of myself as a teacher but I found that I really loved it and the interaction with other creative minded people.


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